Roxy Cook

Two Cats Away From Crazy

Let's Hope this Cat Lady Doesn't Eat These Birds of a Feather

In this episode of The Roxy Talk, Roxy meets up with the girls from the podcast Birds of a Feather. What do these three girls - Kara Connolly, a comedian and singer-songwriter, Karie Kusiciel, a comedian and actress, and Roxy have in common? Comedy, Tinder and Cats! The girls dish on everything from comedy, acting, relationships and make-up tips! It’s like sex and the city - but everyone is Carrie!

Keeping Cool with Cool Beans Comedy

When it's 104 degrees outside, there are two ways to stay cool: Air Conditioning, and listening to my conversation with Cool Beans Comedy comedians and producers Cory & Matt. In this episode of The Roxy Talk, Roxy interviews this dynamic duo literally on the front steps of the famed Pasadena comedy venue The Ice House. Together, they talk about following your dreams, writing jokes and producing a show. The next Cool Beans show will be September 17th, 2017 at the Ice House - check it out!


Sin City Baby!!!!!!

Thelma and Louise has nothing on these two-sisters, but this story has a happy ending. Lizzy and Roxy take a girl's trip to Vegas. The two sister recount their night's adventures proving that what happens in Vegas doesn't need to stay in Vegas!

Back Yard Gay!!!

Roxy Cook talks to comic Tim Murdock on a beautiful day in a backyard in West Hollywood. Together they learn the most important things about each other covering topics about reality TV , Andy Cohen and Hollywood gossip! Start your day or night listening to Roxy Talk!

Photo Bomb!!!

Former playboy photographer, W.B. Fontenot is the definition of an artist. He is a painter, director, photographer and author. Despite his many accomplishments he is also extremely humble and generous with his time in this episode of The Roxy Talk. 

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Women in Media

What is it like to be a women in the age of Trump??? Elizabeth and Roxy sit down and talk about how Sephora can solve first world problems, everyone loves Beyonce and how color consultants only counsel women - but it's the men who really need it! 

Roxy Cook

An obsessive cat-lover, with the voice of a Disney character and the awkwardness of a Game-of-Thrones fan, Roxy Cook is literally “Two Cats Away from Crazy.”   Inspired by Maria Bamford, she is a stand-up comedian and professional voice-over artist; she has learned to embrace her imperfections and find power in her self-deprecating jokes. Southern California born and bred, , Roxy has an active career poking fun at being single, dating and attempted activism:  She took her male cat to the Women’s March. Check her out on Instagram @Roxy.Cook

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