Roxy Cook

Two Cats Away From Crazy


I recorded this podcast a month ago and was not sure that I wanted to release it because of the personal contend. But because of the recent events of sexual assault victims coming forward and sharing their stories, I was inspired to tell mine. In this episode I sit down with my therapist to talk abut my sexual assault which lead to my battle with ED. I am posting this episode to stand strong with other women who have similar stories. XO Roxy 

Roxy Cook

An obsessive cat-lover, with the voice of a Disney character and the awkwardness of a Game-of-Thrones fan, Roxy Cook is literally “Two Cats Away from Crazy.”   Inspired by Maria Bamford, she is a stand-up comedian and professional voice-over artist; she has learned to embrace her imperfections and find power in her self-deprecating jokes. Southern California born and bred, , Roxy has an active career poking fun at being single, dating and attempted activism:  She took her male cat to the Women’s March. Check her out on Instagram @Roxy.Cook

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